8 Unique Ways to Generate More Inbound Motivated Seller Leads Using the Instant Offer Engine™ 

Having a website for your real estate investing business is worthless if no one sees it. The Instant Offer Engine™  gives you the most powerful lead magnet in the industry to get motivated sellers to take action and visit your website: "Get a Cash Offer in 90 Seconds" (and without having to talk to salesperson!) So here are some unique ways to generate leads besides from PPC and Facebook Ads.


Stand Out From The Crowd with Marketing that Speaks to Motivated Sellers.

The competition for motivated seller leads is brutal. Now more than ever it is important to make sure your marketing pieces speak to the wants of motivated sellers and stand out from the competition. With the Instant Offer Engine™, you can update your marketing Call-to-Action's to promise homeowners can get what they want most from you: AN INSTANT CASH OFFER.

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Don't Let Leads Slip Through Your Hands.
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"Just 1 extra deal a year that equals 10% of the median home price in the US would generate a $17,200 in additional profit. 10 more deals a year would be an additional profit of $172,000, a whopping 6,900% return on a $2,400 investment!"