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Motivated Sellers Don't Visit Your Website to Give You Their Number. They Visit To Get an Instant Cash Offer.

With the Instant Offer Engine™ installed on your website, you will be able to offer motivated sellers the irresistible promise of an Instant Cash Offer in 90 seconds on their home without the high-risk action of calling someone first.   Instead, they can take the more comfortable action of just entering their address in your website before giving up their name, phone, and email. 

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REI Companies Using Instant Offer Engine™ To Generate More Motivated Seller Leads

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Why Instant Offer Engine™?

Motivated Sellers Visit Your Website to Get a Cash Offer Now.  Not in 24 Hours. Not in 10 Minutes. 


Motivated Seller's Want Offer's Now

Today's consumers have been trained to get instant estimates on everything from car insurance to vehicle trade-in value. 

Instant Offers Equals More Leads

People's curiosity and need to know now leads to higher conversion rates than utilizing a generic offer request form. 

Higher ROI on Money You Spend

You spend a lot of money to generate motivated seller leads. With the Instant Offer Engine, you can drive more traffic and get more conversions. 

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Drive More Traffic to Your REI Website With the Promise of 90 Second Instant Cash Offers


Sellers Don't Want to Call You or Anybody Else. So Stop Asking Them To.

Think about it, when was the last time you called an insurance agent when you needed insurance? Most likely you went to their website to get a quote and if you liked it, you bought it online. What motivated sellers want is a baseline instant cash offer before they talk to you. By adding the Instant Offer Engine™ app to your website and then changing your CTAs on all your marketing materials from "Call for Offer" to "Get an Instant Cash Offer in 90 Seconds'" you will generate more traffic to your website and convert those prospects to actual leads.

The Old Way

The New Way

Stand Out From The Crowd with Marketing that Speaks to Homeowners.

The competition for motivated seller leads is brutal. Now more than ever it is important to make sure your marketing pieces speak to the wants of motivated sellers and stand out from the competition. With the Instant Offer Engine™, you can update your marketing Call-to-Action's to promise homeowners can get what they want most from you: AN INSTANT CASH OFFER.

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The Instant Offer Engine™ Difference


Simple Changes to Your Call-To-Actions on Your REI Website Can Deliver Huge Results

Before Instant Offer Engine™

The Hero section on this website has two call-to-actions. One is to call now to get an offer, and the second is fill out a form with your phone number to receive a call to get an offer. There is no option to get an offer without having to give up a phone number first. In marketing, we call that high-risk action that we are asking the visitor to make.

After Instant Offer Engine™

This website still has two call-to-actions but allows for the option to receive a cash offer immediately without speaking to someone first.  For those visitors that are uncomfortable giving up their phone number, we are still giving them what they want, with a low risk call to action. And by promising them a cash offer in 90 seconds, we are satisfying their need for instant gratification.
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Our Instant Offer Engine™ Delivers


Listen To Our Founder Discuss How the Instant Offer Engine™ Generated a  Wholesale Deal with a $67,000 Profit That Others Missed Out On

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More Real Results From Real Instant Offer Engine™ Leads

* Real closings from wholesale transactions generated from motivated sellers leads created through the Instant Offer Engine™ on

The Instant Offer Engine™ Works Because It Gives Motivated Sellers What They Want Instantly

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The Instant Offer Engine™ Process


1) Create Your Private Label App

During the sign-up process you will provide us with your website information so that we can brand your private label app with your logo, colors and contact info. 

2) Update your current form

We provide a form update or embed code that will go in place of where your current offer request form is located. Need help? No worries we will do it for you.

3) Motivated Sellers Enter Their Address

Instead of worrying about giving you their contact info, motivated sellers will feel more comfortable just entering their address first. At that point we have captured a motivated seller lead for you.

4) Motivated Sellers Confirm Details

After entering their address, we pull a Lender Grade AVM (Automated Valuation Model) to begin calculating a cash offer based on the repair level they indicate.

5) Contact Information Captured

Once motivated sellers confirm their home details, they will be asked to provide contact data to reveal their Instant Offer. If they don't complete the info they receive no offer, but you still have a lead.

6) Seller's Receive Offer & You A Lead

Upon completion of their contact info, motivated sellers will receive their instant offer and you receive their information immediately via email for fast follow-up.

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Don't Let Leads Slip Through Your Hands.
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"Just 1 extra deal a year that equals 10% of the median home price in the US would generate a $17,200 in additional profit. 10 more deals a year would be an additional profit of $172,000, a whopping 6,900% return on a $2,400 investment!"
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Use Zapier to Follow Up With Motivated Seller Leads with Your Favorite Apps


While we have a built in Leads Manager, with Zapier you can sync all your leads to your favorite CRM, email provider, Google Sheets, SMS system and so much more. Zaps handle work for you automatically, so you can focus on things that matter. You can create and customize Zaps in minutes. 

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A Few Words About Who we are

We are a small group of Texas real estate investors that built the Instant Offer Engine™ technology for our own business, Since launch, the Instant Offer Engine™ changed our business. More Leads. More Deals. More Money. And since we have no desire to grow outside of our market area and had many requests from other REI professionals for our technology, we decided that what worked best for us, our business, and our lifestyles was to license this technology and system to other REI entrepreneurs. 
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