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    Can We Pay You Every Month For Life?

    Get paid 25% recurring monthly commissions for driving sales by simply recommending "Instant Offer Engine™". There is no annual limit on the commission you earn and no minimum sales requirement.

We Make REI Websites Better For Your Clients


Our Affiliate Program is perfect for Real Estate Investment industry coaches, podcasters, complementary REI businesses, website owners, and industry influencers, our customers and any business interested in promoting "Instant Offer Engine™" and getting rewarded for it.  And your clients and followers get to supercharge their lead generation and web conversions to make more money.

We help real estate investors get more leads and deals without increasing their ad spend. But we need them, too! Our affiliate program lets you earn commissions by promoting our high converting "Instant Offer Engine™" to your audience.


Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

What commission rate can I earn as an affiliate partner?

For every new subscriber referral you send our way, we’ll send you 25% of the monthly membership (At $199 per month, that is $50 per referral) EVERY month for the LIFE of the subscription

How Long Are My Referrals Good For?

Your referrals will never expire; however,

  1. The new subscriber must have clicked through your affiliate link before subscribing to our service.
  2. The last referral link wins, if your referral visits our site from your link but does not subscribe, but comes back later from another affiliate link, that affiliate will get the referral commissions.
  3. Our cookies do not expire, but if the referral clears their browser the referral cookie will be lost.
When will I get paid?

We reconcile our books on the 10th of each month our we pay out commissions on the 20th of each month. You must complete a W9 in order to receive commissions. 

Will You Appear on My Podcast or Webinar?

Absolutely, our CEO Jason Blackburn would be more than happy to contribute to your audience. Just send an email to [email protected] with your request.


Want to Talk First? No Problem

Feel free to call, text, or email. ​We look forward to talking with you.

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